Jan 19, 2012

Being emotional

Being emotional again...

I miss my family enormously. Together we were always dreaming about big house where all of us would live together, me, my mom and dad, and my brother. Well, life is what it is, constant adventures and obstacles, never knows what awaits you around the corner.

We all ended up in different countries, different places… And sometimes you don’t wish for anything else more than to just see your important ones. Sounds childish maybe in such individualistic times, how come, grow up. Well, I won’t, so just deal with it. For me, family is everything.

So much to tell, but so little I can express right now… only that I love you guys, I miss you, and I wish that one day our dream will come true and we can be together again…

Jan 6, 2012

To stop and think

It’s all over the news again, just like that one winter -- it’s on everybody’s lips. Someone so young and innocent is dead.

Concurrently, we should light up the candles in remembrance of all those who have gone too young.

How little control human being actually has over itself is terrifying to realize. We are prone to almost without exception follow the rule of prize-or-punishment structure, just like any animals. People are pushed and played around so easily, like puppets.

It’s amazingly easy to manipulate the whole race, not even mentioning a sole person. To just believe how easily even masses of people can be pushed towards dreadful things that are done in only a worst nightmares, towards horrifying deeds that are executed on another living creature. And surely these same killing hands can’t even themselves comprehend after some time has gone by, that what have they done.

Nothing is more precious than life of another. And we won’t see it without compassion. People don’t think enough, sometimes it seems like they don’t think at all. The scary part is that it can happen to your any fellow mate…