Dec 30, 2010

New Year’s Eve 2011


What a nice day!

Today, I had a job interview and it went just great! My friend called me up to see whether I was interested to help out in a tiny modern café in a central location where to and from is very easy to get. I was thinking to start my job hunt little later AFTER a New Year’s Eve and hang-overs caused by the amount of champagne & sparkling wine I am intending to consume irresponsibly. So, this is really quiet nice coincidence!

The best part I am gonna get my so longed daily rhythm in my life! Damn nice! No more staying up vampire times, or waking up when people are getting screaming kids from kindergarden to spoil my day completely! By the way, I do like kids. Only they gotta to be either super cute or super well-behaved! Not the ones that are screaming and spoiled brats, thankyouverymuch!

More on the good note, it’s that time of the year again! The sales are here to annoy some and to make others very, very happy! I even managed to get few lil’ thingies for myself! Like lots of hair treatments and other products from HairStore for such a bargain! I recommend to check it out, if you wanna stock up for some hair products for the next year. I am definitely going there again ASAP.

Clothes-wise, from Spirit Store found one long tee & leggings that I planned to wear on the NYE, well, NOT gonna happen. Looks like I’m going to buy milk if I’m wearing those… Terribly unsuccessful finding! I just might have to resort on my old but good favorite dress by Guess Marciano, and shoes by the same brand. The other option is newish golden dress you can see from the pics below, and, of course, comments will be appreciated, if you like either one of the dresses more.

The only dilemma left for me is, that, unfortunately, my brand new nails are mix of pink, white and silver. Maybe not the best combination with silver and gold but who cares! Everyones gonna be smashed and it’s gonna be dark anyway so they won’t even see what I am wearing… Just ohhhh how I, myself, hate to wear not matching things!

Also, they say that on the NYE you should wear new, fresh clothes coz’ the way you welcome a new year, that way you gonna spend the whole coming year! Yesss, yes, I am very superstitious, that, too! Luckily, I ‘still' have a whole day to finalize my dress for the NYE. The countdown starts now!






P.S. Still those videos are terrorizing my nerves - please be patient too!:D Also, the pic quality is the best what you can get from iPhone3. Patience is gold, right!

Dec 28, 2010

Excuses & reasons.


There’s still many things left untold I wanted to tell about. I wanted to reminisce a year gone by. I wanted to tell about my trips and things I’ve done in the past. I even haven’t had time to tell about my christmas, and the Pendulum weekend.

I feel the story is unjustified without a picture. A picture tells a thousand words, that’s why this whole blogging thing is so great. You can see, hear and that way even feel the story of the person telling it on so much more personal level. Perhaps identify with it, or at least think of it more accurately, just the way it may have happened.

So still waiting for the pics, and once I get them, you’ll definitely see them, too! I am off to run some errands and to meet up with my lovely, picture keeper gal, to do some shopping for NYE dresses! ;-)


P.S. Here’s the lyrics for the uplifting song above as well ;-)
P.P.S. This Blogger, or my Mac, or me, are keeping messin’ up with the measurements for the videos I keep on posting… will try to sort it out later on! Meanwhile, enjoy the sound and only teeny tiny screen coming with it! ;D

You should believe me
And everything I choose to do
You should believe that Ill
Always come back to you

Life is discovering
The love that we create
Life is a mystery
We need to embrace

In every way
You need to let go
Youll see all your dreams will follow
In every way
You need to let go

People rise together
When they believe in tomorrow
Change the day to forever
This life keeps movin
(Repeat 2x)

Open your mind and see
We have everything we need
Dream or reality
Fulfill its destiny

In every way
You need to let go
Youll see all your dreams will follow
In every way
You need to let go

People rise together
When they believe in tomorrow
Change the day to forever
This life keeps movin
(Repeat 2x)

You need to let go
You need to let go

(With instrumentals)
People rise
When they believe
Change the day
This life keeps movin

People rise together
When they believe in tomorrow
Change the day to forever
This life keeps movin

Yeah, yeah
Yeah, yeah, yeah...


Dec 27, 2010



Uffff dammit… I woke up disgustingly late again, which means I don’t get to see the sun shining, even though I have no clue whether there was even sunshine today. Which also means I gotta OD on D3-vitamin coz’ of lack of it… no I wouldn’t even call it a lack… rather non-existant D-vitamin supply. Now in turn I’m gonna do lil’ vitamin dosing & head to the gym for some total & fit ball training. Oh crap… I wanted to see Sini… not gonna happen today though, it’s 7PM there’s no way I’ve got time for both! Oh, and don’t forget guys if you live anywhere near my latitude and it’s dark, music is a MUST pick up tool! So crank it up & get going! ;)

Kidnapped by party monsters...

Ooops, is it really over a week since I've posted anything here?! And all the promises to keep this up & running with the most fresh goss around frequently! Ohh welll.. pardon!


So it all started at Iinas birthday party I'd say... Whenever I make promises to take it easy and celebrate in moderation, anything but moderate is a result! We headed to the Grande Grill restaurant with our handmade gorgeous cake me, Sini & Oona baked for the birthday girl & garnished with lots of love, enthusiasm & cream! Minus few small mistakes (like adding 4 dl sugar instead of 1.5 dl, mea culpa, and having to bake the base again) the bakery mission was accomplished perfectly! You can see from the pics below what a happy facial expression Iina has where she is posing in front of the cake. ;-)

The pick of the restaurant wasn't too bad coz' we had the whole second floor for ourselves and our loud, as per usual, catching ups & congrats! The service was friendly & up-to-the-scratch with the exception of few delays, which is understandable as our waitress was surviving alone with our piling amount of drink orders! The food was average or maybe it was my choice of poor salad that wasn't enough at all, and I left hungry & not satisfied! Thankfully our cake & lots of red wine saved my night in the Grande Grill!

After eating, hanging out & taking lots of pics in the restaurant we headed to the club Huuma to shake off some calories. But I think the amount of hot-shots defeated the purpose completely! And be it so, I had a great time (if not taking into account few incidents 'caused by few too many hot-shots) and... the dreadful hang-over the next day! So dreadful that I had to get some red wine for pick-me-up drink & head straight to Sini to complain and suffer from my hang-over with somebody rather than alone! Thank God, I have such an understanding & sweet friend coz' probably I wouldn't survived if not for her, wine, romantic comedies & kilo of sweets! :-)

All in all Iina’s birthday party was a success but my after math was such a mess! I never returned from Sini that week! But that's a whole different story and I promise to tell it soon enough! ;)

Iina’s Birthday Party

Dec 17, 2010

Dec 15, 2010

Blogging & Baking




I'm not quiet sure what reserve energy I'm running on 'coz my lack of sleep is breaking all records. The weekend sucked all the power out of me. Two days in a row of HC hours of work and later on dragging myself to the regular party session. Go Demi, no party no life. I already begun to regret my decision but, obviously, once I was there, I had no power left to drag myself back home in that freezing cold weather all alone. OF course, I squeezed all my last power to dance a little, chat a little and, in the end, just to sit a lot!

I think I said my good-byes maybe ten times to everybody, got my jacket from the cloakroom.. and after going out and smoking a ciggie.. tadaa, guess what?! I returned to back to the club! The place has some sort of magnetism, can't leave before the DJ's are left, lights are on and staff are heading home as well! No wonder I call it the second home. Maybe next time I'll be wiser and go straight to sleep after a long day and a night at work. Just maybe!


So after Milla Lehto, the resident DJ of the Playground, finished her set, the rest of us who were still there, continued to a friends apartment in the centre to chill-out before heading home. Which didn't happen for a while.. The chill-out session was a better success. Great group of people & a nice chit-chat - just what I needed!

Now, it's Tuesday night, me, with only few hours of sleep behind, and my very close friend Sini, made an effort to bake a cake for tomorrow's party. Iina, the youngest one in our girl-power group, was turning 21. After a few phone calls to check with more experienced bakers, like Sini's dad, on the instructions, we almost made it.. well almost doesn't count. I overdosed triple amount of sugar in the cake base so it turned out in the sugar iceberg after 30 minutes in the oven! Nice job! Didn't help but to do it all over again, both of us wrecked & sleepy were fussing around the cake, trying not to mess up with second trial. After turning the core of the cake three times upside down and downside up, throwing all fruits, jam & cream in there (obviously forgetting about a chockolate) we finally were done! It looked real sweet! Well.. maybe it wasn't quiet straight, and few bananas along with cream were falling out from the sides of the masterpiece but the cake-mission with love was completed! And that was what mattered!
I hope Iina is gonna like it as much as we do.


Now I'm off to catch up on Zzz's, looks like Sini has already drifted to another realm, time for me to join her!


Dec 14, 2010

"For the agony & for the irony, I'd rather know..."


This song is such a beautiful gem! Some artists have great talent to deliver their message in a very subtle but real way. Here's also the lyrics:

"Bike down... down to the downtown

Down to the lockdown... boards, nails lye around
I crouch like a crow
Contrasting the snow

For the agony, I'd rather know

'Cause blinded I am blindsided

Peek in... into the peer in
I'm not really like this... I'm probably plightless
I cup the window
I'm crippled and slow

For the agony, I'd rather know

'Cause blinded I am blindsided

Would you really rush out for me now?
Taught line... down to trhe shoreline
The end of a blood line... the moon is a cold light
There's a pull to the flow
My feet melt the snow

For the irony, I'd rather know

'Cause blinded I was blindsided
'Cause blinded I was blindsided
'Cause blinded I was blindsided"

Dec 11, 2010

Work & workout 2-in-1

Some groovy upbeat house tunes for today since the weekend is here!

TOM NOVY ft. LIMA - NOW OR NEVER (Lissat & Voltaxx Remix)

I am heading off to work to promote EA Active gym simulation game, and my muscles are crying out-loud already from yesterday as I did that mistake & worked out full on, even though it's been a while since my last gym session. Good luck for me, I wanna see how this 8h promo gig is gonna end today! Hasta la vista!

Dec 10, 2010

Our sassy second home.

It's been rather a hectic week, shall I say! Last weekend was massive three-day party-carnage, and Playground exceeded everybody's expectations on a Independence Day - the hours, the music & the whole atmosphere, two words guys - absolutely amazing job! Okay, that was three.

What's even more exciting, Playground had this very same week the Grand Opening of it's funky street-side face 'IsoRoba 10'-bar, or actually it was named only temporarily as 'Isoroba 10' but newcomer is still waiting for it's christening. A 'little' expansion happened so we don't have to actually vacate our 'home' and head to private parties, for instance, if we don't want to. Now, we can easily slide our flip-flops on and cross over from one side of the building to another, that is, to our living room, where we can chill-out & drink our morning tea after intensely soul-shaking dancing session!

I feel privileged to witness all these positive changes taking place. Especially, when I see, how it brings a lot of joy to many people around me. This clubbing scene has become somewhat close-knit family. After all, I dare to guess, that in many occasions we spend heaps of time with each other, sharing many laughters, crazy moments, dramas, happy times & unforgettable occasions to reminisce a long time to come. It's just natural that we, really, ought to look after each other and celebrate each others break-throughs.. ;-)

Here's few pics from the Grand Opening night but mostly you can see interior and perhaps feel the vibe of the place.

Dec 3, 2010

Oil-hat on the head, after I'm going to bed!

I am starting to get in the mood for clubbing!

This might be the last entry this week, or at least it's gonna take minimum few days before I get back here. Why? Well, simply because weekend is coming up! In the shopping cart for parties we have more than our budget allows!

Friday I'm starting off my night at Madda's with Madda & Tia. After us three gorgeous chicas are gonna be heading to following places in this order:
1. Sunrise Productions & I Love Kiksu presenting Christmas Party @ Playground
2. Club Danceteria feat. Fergie @ DTM

Saturday continues celebrating Anna's turning 25 it's gonna go off the hook & birthday girl without a doubt will choose a great club to celebrate at! Also, I am going to continue to some house club, and after that to house after-party club to listen to some of the hottest tech-house tunes out there! Hoppaaa! Don't ask yet what's gonna happen on Sunday, I know as much as you do! But sure as hell this Sunday ain't gonna be boring! The whole weekend is gonna be massive! And I'll keep you posted on that afterwards ;-)

Now, meanwhile, I've been babbling away about my weekend plans I had an oil-packet over my head all this time! If the weekend is massive I gotta be looking smashing! Not for my luck with my dry hair I will barely reach looking 'okay'.
I didn't have anything better on hands, so I decided experiment with an extra virgin olive oil. Hmmm... How can it be extra-virgin. Wondering if us girls can be extra virgin as well? Like one virginity just in case, or what...? ... Anyhow, back to the topic!

The mix I made constituted:

1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 flaxseed oil
5 drops Ylang Ylang oil

I massaged it to my scalp and all over my hair, wrapped my head in cellophane, and now I'm going to leave it over the night! Let's see the outcome later! But I'm sure my hair is gonna be silky, smooth & shiny!

At some point I wanna get extensions too, just gotta decide which brand and method to choose to put them on!

Here's a photo to see how it's usually when I put clips on them. However I rather put something more permanent then clips that you have to take off every time.

And with that thought, good night!


Dec 2, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Heart & Soul & Cold

Now I gotta let you know what saved me from my flu so I don’t have to keep on bitchin’ like in last post about how yuk I feel...

I am feeling a bit better today, my eyes opened up without bigger dramas, and even though I woke up disgustingly late which is 3 PM, I managed to get myself out of the house to run some errands. Good job! I deserve a pat on my back ;-)

Firstly, I'd love to post pics of what I believe was my cure... Chicken Soup for the Heart & Soul & Cold!

I didn't use the whole chicken this time & didn't make Homemade Chicken Soup by my moms instructions but the Light & Easy version by me would go like this:

Ingredients for Soup:

2 chicken legs
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
3 carrots
2 celery stalks
olive oil
reduced salt veggie stock

For Garnish:

-lemon wedges
-parsley stalks finely cut
-fresh rings of chili

So I boiled chicken legs in addition with salt in one pot, sautéed veggies in another, after removed chicken from broth, and, after shredding it, added it to the veggies. Don't ask me about cooking times coz' I almost never follow instructions for times unless baking - everything I make is by looking & tasting! Next step - add broth to the new veggie-chicken pot (remember to strain it to make it clear) and simmer for some time until it smells so nice you can't keep your hand off it! After all this jazz make yourself comfortable and eat!

You can see the result along with candles to cheer up the winter blues - Vóila!

Also, sorry guys for the quality of pictures! It's very bad due to my broken camera and no other choice but to use a camera in my iPhone. I hope you can still see them somehow and for the rest you can't, just use your imagination until I get a new gadget to film! I hope Santa heard my wish - I've been a good girl to the best of my ability! ;-)

Dec 1, 2010

Let's open the First door in Advent calendar

Waking up wasn't that nice today, at all! I could barely open my eyes, and that definitely wasn't because I was still tired, but all my efforts to blink were useless! Not sure whether I caught some sort of eye-infection, or my eyes were protesting to open up anymore coz' I kept them open excessive amount of time... especially over the long weekends! Poor babies... they must be just so pissed off at me... As is my whole body! My muscles are sore, my lungs are discharging so nasty stuff that even I feel obnoxiousness when I look at it twice. Again - thanks to all those packs of ciggies! My head is hurting because my brain cells are probably trying to escape from my head, where they are always tortured with all sorts of unpleasant substances. And the list goes on. My whole being, including my heart, are crying out-loud for me to start to treat them better, and maybe it's time to do so.

Before continuing my whining I found today a great track by Bon Jovi - great words touching every one of us! <3 BON JOVI - WHAT DO YOU GOT
It's 4:40AM - another accidentally sleepless night behind. Maybe some nice & slow music will help...ღ♥ Beautiful duet!


Nov 25, 2010

Good Morning Last Day of November!

It's Tuesday evening, 30 November 2010. It's minus -15C and pitch-black outside my window. The ground is covered with thick layer of snow - yep, I can feel it in my bones we are in Northern Hemisphere! I have been intending to start off blogging already ages ago and every single time something else has come along the way and grabbed my attention! I'm telling you, being Gemini isn't that easy.. My attention span is as long as Gandhis hair - I simply can't focus for too long in one thing!
Nevertheless, I believe that everyone deserves a chance for a good change, and even more importantly all of us gotta try at least ones everything, well almost everything, before saying they can't do something!

Here's one very good quotation I recently discovered again by A. Einstein: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Very true that!

Now I can show you what I've been cooking for myself today. I love cooking! Just not that often only for myself. It's always nicer to gather with friends to make some food or to see someone special enjoying and maybe making food with you. But, of course, I enjoy the whole spending time for learning new dishes, and making a nice presentation, too. The presentation that is appealing is a half meal made, I think! So, let's see what I feel like eating... Tzatziki is the surest one, besides it's been awhile since I had it. And, how about salty version of Poor Knights aka Köyhät Ritarit. Let's see if that combination is going to work!

Here's also few good sites with recipes (mostly in Finnish this time) you can make some good findings over here!

Ufffffff.... You have no idea how much garlic I used into my tzatziki! Can tell you this much... I didn't spare any of it! Ciao ciao my winter flu I almost got... with that amount of garlic & onion on top of my toast, I am sure all the viruses will take straight way to hell! Alas, presentation is not superb as I didn't bother to make it properly this time.

Now time to relax with some flick. See you soon guys!