Nov 25, 2010

Good Morning Last Day of November!

It's Tuesday evening, 30 November 2010. It's minus -15C and pitch-black outside my window. The ground is covered with thick layer of snow - yep, I can feel it in my bones we are in Northern Hemisphere! I have been intending to start off blogging already ages ago and every single time something else has come along the way and grabbed my attention! I'm telling you, being Gemini isn't that easy.. My attention span is as long as Gandhis hair - I simply can't focus for too long in one thing!
Nevertheless, I believe that everyone deserves a chance for a good change, and even more importantly all of us gotta try at least ones everything, well almost everything, before saying they can't do something!

Here's one very good quotation I recently discovered again by A. Einstein: "Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new." Very true that!

Now I can show you what I've been cooking for myself today. I love cooking! Just not that often only for myself. It's always nicer to gather with friends to make some food or to see someone special enjoying and maybe making food with you. But, of course, I enjoy the whole spending time for learning new dishes, and making a nice presentation, too. The presentation that is appealing is a half meal made, I think! So, let's see what I feel like eating... Tzatziki is the surest one, besides it's been awhile since I had it. And, how about salty version of Poor Knights aka Köyhät Ritarit. Let's see if that combination is going to work!

Here's also few good sites with recipes (mostly in Finnish this time) you can make some good findings over here!

Ufffffff.... You have no idea how much garlic I used into my tzatziki! Can tell you this much... I didn't spare any of it! Ciao ciao my winter flu I almost got... with that amount of garlic & onion on top of my toast, I am sure all the viruses will take straight way to hell! Alas, presentation is not superb as I didn't bother to make it properly this time.

Now time to relax with some flick. See you soon guys!


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