Feb 22, 2011

Drag Overdose, Discoballs & Dance

So here’s the aftermath of the weekend passed by: amazing people, lots of laughs and dancing hours — fun, fun, fun! ;-)

Here is only some photos from the starting part of the weekend at the ‘Drag Overdose'.

[Pia and me having a friendly moment with camera!]

[A little break off the dancefloor — how comfy is that Jenny Woo has beds?! 'The bedroom parlour on the dancefloor!’]

[Cosmopolitan, me and Tatu — perfect ingredients for the perfect night!]

Thanks for the pictures goes to Tinttu and her working buddy! As well as to everyone else who made the 'Drag Overdose' party night especially FUN!

And here is something rhythmic to enjoy ;-)



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  1. *A Arte de Tatu Vuolteenaho significa uma das mais avançadas integrações artísticas que já vi...onde a pintura..o personagem e a música se relacionam e por isto o admiro muito com todos os seus componentes que lhe acompanham em cena...sou uma brasileira artista e entendo a sua pluralidade de expressão*@R