Feb 18, 2011

The Weekend is here!

And here we’re looking at this kind of weeked… ;-)
This weekend is happening lots & lots of exciting events!

For me personally, the most exciting is definitely following event, where I will get to see a good friend for the first time behind the decks. He’s music style has definitely evolved during the past few years, and I know I can expect the night full of funky techhouse tunes.

That’s the definite plan for the start of the night!

[Me and Sinitys @ Jenny Woo’s Mid Summer celebration]

And dozen more, there’s Clinic @ Tivoli on Friday and @ DTM on Saturday, Säde’s return on Friday @ PG, plus Artur’s birthday and what not! Little challenge to keep up! ;-)

Here’s the weekend sound.

See you on the partygrounds!


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