Dec 27, 2010

Kidnapped by party monsters...

Ooops, is it really over a week since I've posted anything here?! And all the promises to keep this up & running with the most fresh goss around frequently! Ohh welll.. pardon!


So it all started at Iinas birthday party I'd say... Whenever I make promises to take it easy and celebrate in moderation, anything but moderate is a result! We headed to the Grande Grill restaurant with our handmade gorgeous cake me, Sini & Oona baked for the birthday girl & garnished with lots of love, enthusiasm & cream! Minus few small mistakes (like adding 4 dl sugar instead of 1.5 dl, mea culpa, and having to bake the base again) the bakery mission was accomplished perfectly! You can see from the pics below what a happy facial expression Iina has where she is posing in front of the cake. ;-)

The pick of the restaurant wasn't too bad coz' we had the whole second floor for ourselves and our loud, as per usual, catching ups & congrats! The service was friendly & up-to-the-scratch with the exception of few delays, which is understandable as our waitress was surviving alone with our piling amount of drink orders! The food was average or maybe it was my choice of poor salad that wasn't enough at all, and I left hungry & not satisfied! Thankfully our cake & lots of red wine saved my night in the Grande Grill!

After eating, hanging out & taking lots of pics in the restaurant we headed to the club Huuma to shake off some calories. But I think the amount of hot-shots defeated the purpose completely! And be it so, I had a great time (if not taking into account few incidents 'caused by few too many hot-shots) and... the dreadful hang-over the next day! So dreadful that I had to get some red wine for pick-me-up drink & head straight to Sini to complain and suffer from my hang-over with somebody rather than alone! Thank God, I have such an understanding & sweet friend coz' probably I wouldn't survived if not for her, wine, romantic comedies & kilo of sweets! :-)

All in all Iina’s birthday party was a success but my after math was such a mess! I never returned from Sini that week! But that's a whole different story and I promise to tell it soon enough! ;)

Iina’s Birthday Party

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