Dec 2, 2010

Chicken Soup for the Heart & Soul & Cold

Now I gotta let you know what saved me from my flu so I don’t have to keep on bitchin’ like in last post about how yuk I feel...

I am feeling a bit better today, my eyes opened up without bigger dramas, and even though I woke up disgustingly late which is 3 PM, I managed to get myself out of the house to run some errands. Good job! I deserve a pat on my back ;-)

Firstly, I'd love to post pics of what I believe was my cure... Chicken Soup for the Heart & Soul & Cold!

I didn't use the whole chicken this time & didn't make Homemade Chicken Soup by my moms instructions but the Light & Easy version by me would go like this:

Ingredients for Soup:

2 chicken legs
1 onion
2 garlic cloves
3 carrots
2 celery stalks
olive oil
reduced salt veggie stock

For Garnish:

-lemon wedges
-parsley stalks finely cut
-fresh rings of chili

So I boiled chicken legs in addition with salt in one pot, sautéed veggies in another, after removed chicken from broth, and, after shredding it, added it to the veggies. Don't ask me about cooking times coz' I almost never follow instructions for times unless baking - everything I make is by looking & tasting! Next step - add broth to the new veggie-chicken pot (remember to strain it to make it clear) and simmer for some time until it smells so nice you can't keep your hand off it! After all this jazz make yourself comfortable and eat!

You can see the result along with candles to cheer up the winter blues - Vóila!

Also, sorry guys for the quality of pictures! It's very bad due to my broken camera and no other choice but to use a camera in my iPhone. I hope you can still see them somehow and for the rest you can't, just use your imagination until I get a new gadget to film! I hope Santa heard my wish - I've been a good girl to the best of my ability! ;-)

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