Dec 10, 2010

Our sassy second home.

It's been rather a hectic week, shall I say! Last weekend was massive three-day party-carnage, and Playground exceeded everybody's expectations on a Independence Day - the hours, the music & the whole atmosphere, two words guys - absolutely amazing job! Okay, that was three.

What's even more exciting, Playground had this very same week the Grand Opening of it's funky street-side face 'IsoRoba 10'-bar, or actually it was named only temporarily as 'Isoroba 10' but newcomer is still waiting for it's christening. A 'little' expansion happened so we don't have to actually vacate our 'home' and head to private parties, for instance, if we don't want to. Now, we can easily slide our flip-flops on and cross over from one side of the building to another, that is, to our living room, where we can chill-out & drink our morning tea after intensely soul-shaking dancing session!

I feel privileged to witness all these positive changes taking place. Especially, when I see, how it brings a lot of joy to many people around me. This clubbing scene has become somewhat close-knit family. After all, I dare to guess, that in many occasions we spend heaps of time with each other, sharing many laughters, crazy moments, dramas, happy times & unforgettable occasions to reminisce a long time to come. It's just natural that we, really, ought to look after each other and celebrate each others break-throughs.. ;-)

Here's few pics from the Grand Opening night but mostly you can see interior and perhaps feel the vibe of the place.

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