Dec 1, 2010

Let's open the First door in Advent calendar

Waking up wasn't that nice today, at all! I could barely open my eyes, and that definitely wasn't because I was still tired, but all my efforts to blink were useless! Not sure whether I caught some sort of eye-infection, or my eyes were protesting to open up anymore coz' I kept them open excessive amount of time... especially over the long weekends! Poor babies... they must be just so pissed off at me... As is my whole body! My muscles are sore, my lungs are discharging so nasty stuff that even I feel obnoxiousness when I look at it twice. Again - thanks to all those packs of ciggies! My head is hurting because my brain cells are probably trying to escape from my head, where they are always tortured with all sorts of unpleasant substances. And the list goes on. My whole being, including my heart, are crying out-loud for me to start to treat them better, and maybe it's time to do so.

Before continuing my whining I found today a great track by Bon Jovi - great words touching every one of us! <3 BON JOVI - WHAT DO YOU GOT

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