Dec 3, 2010

Oil-hat on the head, after I'm going to bed!

I am starting to get in the mood for clubbing!

This might be the last entry this week, or at least it's gonna take minimum few days before I get back here. Why? Well, simply because weekend is coming up! In the shopping cart for parties we have more than our budget allows!

Friday I'm starting off my night at Madda's with Madda & Tia. After us three gorgeous chicas are gonna be heading to following places in this order:
1. Sunrise Productions & I Love Kiksu presenting Christmas Party @ Playground
2. Club Danceteria feat. Fergie @ DTM

Saturday continues celebrating Anna's turning 25 it's gonna go off the hook & birthday girl without a doubt will choose a great club to celebrate at! Also, I am going to continue to some house club, and after that to house after-party club to listen to some of the hottest tech-house tunes out there! Hoppaaa! Don't ask yet what's gonna happen on Sunday, I know as much as you do! But sure as hell this Sunday ain't gonna be boring! The whole weekend is gonna be massive! And I'll keep you posted on that afterwards ;-)

Now, meanwhile, I've been babbling away about my weekend plans I had an oil-packet over my head all this time! If the weekend is massive I gotta be looking smashing! Not for my luck with my dry hair I will barely reach looking 'okay'.
I didn't have anything better on hands, so I decided experiment with an extra virgin olive oil. Hmmm... How can it be extra-virgin. Wondering if us girls can be extra virgin as well? Like one virginity just in case, or what...? ... Anyhow, back to the topic!

The mix I made constituted:

1/2 cup olive oil
1/2 flaxseed oil
5 drops Ylang Ylang oil

I massaged it to my scalp and all over my hair, wrapped my head in cellophane, and now I'm going to leave it over the night! Let's see the outcome later! But I'm sure my hair is gonna be silky, smooth & shiny!

At some point I wanna get extensions too, just gotta decide which brand and method to choose to put them on!

Here's a photo to see how it's usually when I put clips on them. However I rather put something more permanent then clips that you have to take off every time.

And with that thought, good night!


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