Jan 20, 2011

King of the Minimal from Turkey returns

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Last November, Ahmet Sendil’s visit to UG club Playground, Helsinki, was a great success. The crowd wanted more, and now they are getting it. It is time for the round two, tomorrow night, on Friday 21.1 — Ahmet is back.

This is the man who brought electronic music in the limelight in Turkey back in the days. Ahmet has been in business for almost 20 years now, starting in 1989, back home in Turkey and slowly expanding his scene around the globe. Istanbul’s Ahmet has established his own record labels M-Vitamine and Bosphorus Underground that are very popular today, and started releasing music in 2007.

Now, as the result, Ahmet is one of the most respected DJ’s of minimal house music genre. With remarkable minimal music, he definitely has his own style. Like he says:”Anyone who listens to my new tracks on Beatport could say, yes, that’s Ahmet. I name it ‘sexy happy minimal’”. And I can’t but agree!

Some of my favorite tracks and remixes by Ahmet:

‘Vicious games’
‘Feels like I’m dancing'
'Bye bye my brain’
‘Don’t get lost'

Welcome back to Helsinki Ahmet! =)


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