Jan 10, 2011

Semper Fidelis

I have been thinking about getting a tattoo however, there’s few buts…
I never really knew whether I wanted to get a tattoo or not. On a few occasions, I’ve checked some tattoos with my girlfriend in Australia, and we thought to get exactly same ones for the sake of our crazy & mind-blowing memories in Australia, however, we both chickened out — not for the pain, but for the uncertainty. My friend wasn’t sure whether she really wanted that Chinese calligraphy that everyone seemed to have, which I agreed on.

In my case it was more of a bigger mental step. I didn’t want to ruin that perfectly clean piece of skin I still had, and just mark it for the sake of a decoration, or some really not so meaningful mark, with possibly later indifferent significance for me. I wanted something that could last forever, could stay the tests of time, because the time if something is truly a test. I want something that lasts forever, maybe fades a little, even gets a few cracks along the way, but never disappears. That kind of a tattoo I wanted.

I still am not sure whether I wanna ‘ruin’ my skin and mark myself, or stay unmarked and unchained to any philosophies, or memories. But if I was to make one philosophy to live forever with me, it would be — Semper Fidelis, also shortened to, Semper Fi — Always Faithful.

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