Jan 14, 2011

Sedu Koskinen ALERT Tonight

A few days ago, I’ve got invitation to the nightclub mogul Seppo “Sedu" Koskinen’s newly opening club, Velvet Nightclub. Sedu is running the show in this town, by far, owning majority of the places on surface in every city of Finland plus Estonia’s capital.

Sedu’s lightning speed of taking over new places, and stringing them to his pearl necklace extension, is impressive. But it is about the time for some freshness for the town’s old favorites, too. The Tiger is getting awfully old and boring. The reason being, its well past it’s 8-year old restaurant life-cycle — simply passé. People are still going there, but for no better option, as well as on certain special events. But, nevertheless, from what I hear, Velvet came out of the blue, and has lots of expectations and is awaited surprise…

The Nightclub Velvet is ready to roll on this Friday, tonight. The place is also already Sedu’s, not so long been operated Jazz club Birdland’s premises, according to Kauppalehti. Well, only for the time being Birdland is having a break, until it’ll find a new home in close distance. Eventually, Birdland will also open it’s doors, have its program renewed n’ all that jazz done.

What the future brings and when we’ll hear jazz there again, I personally haven’t got a chance to hear it even once yet, anyway. Let’s wait for jazz… But more than that for tonight! Bluff or Hit? Who cares — it’s Friday! Hopppaaaa!

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My friend mentioned to me about a mistake here regarding the time that the Tiger has been open in Kampinkeskus. To make a correction, after the Lux has been closed down, new Tiger has opened it doors in March 2009. My writing is a bit misleading here as I mention the Tiger’s over 8-year existence. However, the Tiger nightclub concept has existed since 2000, occasionally renaming itself drastically from Tiikeri to The Tiger, and changed a place.

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