Jan 11, 2011

NYE 2011

I have three words to say about this year’s celebration — three day party-carnage!

By the way, I did choose the gold cocktail dress by Guess for the first night out, even though you can’t see it very well from these pics.

First, we had pre-party drinks at Sini’s, and reminisced a year gone by, had lots of different cheeses and wine, salads, vodka and what not.

The girls (and one girls' boy) and I dipped our melted horse-shoe tins in water. Like it is used to do traditionally on Finnish NYEs. Here you can see the process itself.

The outcome I could see from my tin is a heart in the middle and two people holding champagne flutes. Sini got a star and a bowing or glancing up girl, I guess, depending on your view-point. And Iina got apparently a tin sculpture that promises lots of money. What can you see? Others tin pictures unfortunately I don’t have.

We even had time to play with ideas of what the coming year might bring for us. I had a bromance with minimal teddy, and Artur decided to play a role of the Cupid.

Against our better judgement, we simply couldn’t follow through all of our plans. We skipped the NYE Vesa-Matti Loiri’s concert and the fireworks, what a shame — NOT. I had enough fireworks past year anyway, I’m sure I can take it a bit easier this year without too many explosions & still not feeling too bored.

So, the next stop was Clinic’s NYE @ the Fredan Tivoli, the club was pumping, and included the most prominent Finnish artists of the electronic music — Super8 & Tab, Orkidea, Orion, Milla Lehto, Paul Easy, Flink and Visions Collective to mention almost but not all. Behind all of this successful event is events management company Clinic and Marko Kantola.

Here’s wrap up video made of the night at the Clinic.

End the rest, as they say, is a history… ;-)

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