Jan 13, 2011


I promised that I wouldn’t make any New Year’s resolutions, or any kind of promises this year. Instead I’d just do everything extemporaneously… well… as per usual happens to happen in my life. However, somethings just must be planned. Like the battle for oh-so-long waited place at the Helsinki School of Economics, that has now joined forces with few other universities and has been renamed as Aalto University. That place is one reason I’d left to Australia in a first place, and spent there almost five years, and one of the reasons I am now here without any plans to leave anywhere else, before I get my piece of education.

With that thought, and all pumped up and motivated, I’m heading out to the cultural trip to the National Library of Finland. Now for the first time this spring… and hopefully not last… Maybe appearance of historical building & aesthetical surroundings will make me stay glued to the chair, and nose dug deep into the books. Just let’s not try to make any bad decisions this year, shall I, that would be resolution enough for 2011. I’ll do my best to try & stay focused on ‘good-stuff'!

And after all that hard work, I am intending to do, I can show myself some gratitude, and maybe go on a lil’ party trip to… perhaps Ibiza ;-) Or if Ibiza just isn’t gonna work out, then the Loveboat instead, like the last year! Ohh that boat trip was a killer! Now, let’s stop dreaming, and start working… shall we ;-)

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