Jan 15, 2011

Treasure ‘Trove' of Memories


My sweetest Sini has found something I have totally forgotten about. My blog I have been writing in Australia — that unsuccessful triumph, I mean. Three, or so, entries in total, that seem to be written centuries ago from now! I even mentioned Grant Roff, from Bond University, and suddenly remember so much of Australia. Especially Melbourne, where I spent my last three years of my life in Aussie-land.

RMIT University - Melbourne Central (Picture borrowed from connect.in.com)

Flinders Street Station’s - Central area (Picture borrowed)

Chess on Swanston Street walking district (Picture borrowed from streetsblog.org)

Melbourne City Skyline (Picture borrowed from streetsblog.com)

Melbourne’s Skyline - view from Docklands if I’m right… (Picture borrowed)

Maybe just a bit, a little hint, I do miss Melbs. It’s small alleys where I used to get lost for hours and hours just on purpose for fun. I loved the fact that they are so European & mysteriously hidden in the midst of the city.

I walked past those alleys stopping at some cozy random coffee shops, for a fresh sushi-roll or a smoothie. I remember one coffee-shop in particular, it served minimum of ten different soups and other organic foods, I loved to try. Melburnians love organic food, and they’re forerunners in that field, so all what they had there was competely new to even the foodie from Finland like me. We didn’t have so many kinds of delicacies.

In Melb nothing really was too far away, and you never really got bored over there, or lacked an entertainment, as there was always something going on. A night out could happen every night. The best days where spent shopping on Chapel St, getting ur hair n nails done, having a dinner at some sushiplace & heading to some posh club according to the week day n what was on at that day.
Ohh those lil’ adventures!

Me & Muna

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